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The Camarilla Supplement to The Shining Host, 6.0

Reprinted material is (c) White Wolf Game Publishing, Inc. Terms and ideas trademarked by White Wolf are used with permission, and any mention of said intellectual properties should not be considered a challenge to their ownership.


Chapter One: Character Creation

Chapter Two: Traits

Chapter Three: Powers

Chapter Four: Systems

This supplement details rules for Changeling venue games in the Camarilla's Sanctioned Mind's Eye Theatre chronicle. These rules are intended for use with The Shining Host, The Shining Host Players Guide, and Dark Epics by White Wolf Publishing, and with the Camarilla's Prime Supplement.

These rules, when used for Sanctioned play, are to be applied without change, deviation, alteration or addition by any member, save a country's National Storyteller. This is to enforce a homogenous set of rules throughout the organization, insuring that wherever a member goes, they may play with a minimum of problems.

Storytellers are allowed and encouraged to use their judgment in the World of Darkness to develop stories and enrich the flavor of the game. If a Storyteller judges that the flow of the story would be enhanced by minor exceptions to the rules (on an individual basis only), this creative license is allowed. It is strongly suggested that Storytellers stick to the letter and intent of the rules in situations where one or more characters may die. Storytellers found to be abusing this occasional liberty are subject to review and possible disciplinary action. These licenses are not to be for such things as the approval of magic items or the allowing of players to play rare character Types.