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Changeling Chapter One


Changeling characters are created using The Shining Host and The Shining Host Players Guide in conjunction with this supplement and with Prime.

Concepts (1.01)

IFor the Camarilla's Sanctioned chronicle, there is a slight change with starting seeming, making the relation between a character's chimerical self and mortal self less concrete in terms of age. For example, Storyteller approval allows a character to have a mortal self that is fifteen years old, just been released from sleeping, and a Childling of ten years. A Seeming may be changed by more than five years beyond normal in either direction with Mid Approval, or by more than ten years beyond normal with High Approval.

Membership in the Shadow Court requires High Approval, as does membership in the following houses:
Ailil, Balor, Leanhaun, and Scathach.

Some Important Changes Made (1.02)

Attribute Trait maximums have changed in the Supplement. Traits that exceed the new maximums are removed, and their Experience Trait costs are refunded.

As with the other venues, changeling characters now get 5 starting Free Traits in addition to those gained from Negative Traits and Flaws. These may be added to existing characters after character creation, but may not be used to increase Title or Holdings in that case.

New or altered approvals levels were applied to some Backgrounds and powers in the Supplement. Existing characters must be approved by the appropriate level Storyteller(s) if something on the character sheet now requires a higher level of approval than it did previously.

Types (1.03)

Special approval is required to play some Kith or Kinain. Top Approval is required for anything not rated here.

Low: Boggan, Eshu, Nocker, Pooka, Redcaps, Satyr, Sluagh, and Troll
Mid: Clurichaun, Ghille Dhu, Piskie, Selkie, and Sidhe
High: Autumn People, Dauntain, Inanimae, Nunnehi, and all Thallain