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Changeling Chapter Three

POWERS (3.0)

Only Inanimae may learn Slivers.

ARTS (3.1)

The three Arts that changelings start with must be Basic Arts.

Approval Levels (3.11)

Some Arts require special approval to learn. The Storyteller may approve an Art to be learned only to a certain level, due to the unbalancing nature of some of the higher levels. Because certain Arts are much more common to certain characters (Sidhe with Chronos, Nockers with Infusion, Shadow Court members with Delusion, etc.), the approving Storyteller will take this into account when processing the application.

Low: Chicanery, Dream Craft, Legerdemain, Primal, Pyretics, Soothsay, Wayfare, Sovereign (Sidhe only)
Mid: Metamorphosis (Basic & Intermediate only -- non-Sidhe)
High: Aphrodesia, Infusion, Kryos, Oneiromancy, Skycraft, and Sovereign (non-Sidhe)
Top: Chronos, Contempt, Delusion, and Naming

Inanimae Approval Levels (3.12)

Manikins require Mid Approval to learn Kith Arts. Other Inanimae require High Approval to learn Kith Arts.


This entire Art is centered on not directly causing harm. Any time that a Chicanery Cantrip is cast that will cause direct harm, the Cantrip fails.

This Art can cause a lot of confusion in game play and should be used carefully. It is required that a Narrator be present for any casting of this Art.

Chronos, Dream Time
This cannot be used to reduce a character below twelve months of age, nor can it be used to age a target to death.

Chronos, Reversal of Fortune
This level can cause catastrophic problems within a game, and should be carefully regulated.

Dream Craft
Changelings with this Art may physically enter a sleeping mortal or prodigal's dream (a simple Bunk with Realms appropriate to the dreamer is required). Once in, interaction with the dream is possible but direct control is not. This effectively allows the caster to enter the Dreaming. If a changeling dies in a dream, in reality she also dies a Banal Death.

Dream Craft, Dream Riding (second Intermediate, Added)
The character may cast this Cantrip (from the Near Dreaming) upon a sleeping mortal or prodigal, physically transport the caster into the target's dream. Once in the sleeper's dreams interaction with the dream is possible but direct control is not. This effectively allows the caster to "ride" the dream into the dreaming. This art may also be used as a Fair Escape if a sleeping mortal is present, by tagging along with the sleeper's dream. This escape may only be used from the physical world and costs a Glamour Trait. This can be somewhat risky as it could deposit the Changeling anywhere in the Dreaming. Use of Dream Riding is dangerous. If a Changeling dies in a dream, in reality she also dies a Banal Death.

Dream Craft, Dream Weaving
Chimera and companions created with this Art do not require Background Traits to be purchased. Normal approval restrictions for Backgrounds still apply. Players should keep in mind that these chimera are highly susceptible to Banality (even more so than other chimera).

Infusion, Animantis
While the player may make suggestions as to the attributes and other traits, the storyteller is the one who actually makes the decision, and is responsible for writing them officially.

Kryos, Cold Heart
Damage from this Art is limited to four levels. The permanent effect can only occur on a willing target.

Legerdemain, Ensnare
Regardless of whether or not the difficulty exceeds the target's Physical Traits, the target always receives at least one Static Physical Challenge to break free.

Legerdemain, Phantom Shadows
Un-enchanted mortals will only see the Phantom Shadows if they are made real by calling upon the Wyrd.

Naming, Runic Circle
You may not spend more Mental Traits than twice the Bunk level of the Cantrip. The circle may only be inscribed on the ground, not on people or objects.

Naming, Reweaving
Willpower Traits spent for retests to resist this Art are not spent permanently.

Oneiromancy, Oneirodynia
The affect cannot be combined with Dreamwalk when cast upon a waking target.

Oneiromancy, Embrace of Morpheus
Normally no link is needed, but the Realm may require one.

Oneiromancy, Expiation
Use of this power on another player's character requires that player's permission.

Primal, Willow-Whisper
Information gleaned from objects needs to be presided over by a Storyteller.

Primal, Eldritch Prime
No more than one level of damage may be inflicted per use of this power.

Primal, Oakenshield
No armor may provide more than four levels of protection, regardless of stacked effects.

Primal, Holly Strike
Ignore the system of resisting given in The Shining Host. The caster must engage his target in a Physical Challenge, and the target need not spend a Willpower Trait to resist. If successful, the caster may spend two, four, or six Physical Traits to inflict one, two, or three lethal levels of damage.

Primal, Elder Form
This Art may not be used in conjunction with Metamorphosis: Mythic Transformation. Other than the shape changing aspect, Elder Form should not be used to mimic the effects of Arts that requires special approval, including Chronos, Naming, Sovereign, and any Arts from The Shining Host Players Guide.

If caught on fire, a target may use a physical action to put out the flames with a successful Simple Test. Additional fire damage is taken at the rate of one health level per turn if the flames are not extinguished.

Pyretics, Willow Light [second basic, added]
This Cantrip will allow you to illuminate or cast auras of light upon objects or places. The caster creates a dim and ethereal glow to illuminate the object of the Art. This glow will last for approximately one hour for each glamour spent at it's creation.

Pyretics, Prometheus' Fist
A subject that is engulfed catches on fire. If the victim puts out the flames, the Cantrip ends immediately.

Pyretics, Burn and Boil [second intermediate, added]
This Cantrip allows the caster to engulf an object or person in real flame, igniting and burning the target of the Cantrip (and objects in direct contact with the target) just as normal flames would. To use this art, you must spend a Willpower trait to initiate the flames, followed by a Glamour trait for each turn it is controlled. The flames inflict one Health level of damage per turn a subject is engulfed, although the target may attempt to put the flames with a successful simple test as described above, if this works the Cantrip immediately ends. If it is used on an item or person in combat, that item or person does one extra level of damage per turn and anyone else near you must win or tie a Simple Test to avoid catching fire for each turn or challenge she is exposed to you.

Pyretics, Star Body
Use of this power against another Kithain may well be considered a breech of the Escheat.

Skycraft, Compass Winds
The affect causes one level of bashing damage.

Soothsay, Tattletale
This power cannot cross the Gauntlet or the Shroud.

Sovereign, Grandeur
This Art's duration is now one scene or hour, whichever is longer. Grandeur drops immediately if the user makes an attack or employs an offensive power.

Sovereign, Geasa
As this power can be very abusive, Narrator arbitration is required when it is used. The exact wording of the commanded task is important, but the Narrator is the final call on what the target must do to fulfill it.

Wayfare, Flicker Flash
This power does not allow crossing of the Gauntlet or Shroud. The caster must know the destinations teleported to (from a prior visit, seen with Tattletale, etc).

REALMS (3.3)

Inanimae require Mid Approval to learn a Kith Realm. The Inanimae Realm of Water equates to Time, not Actor.

Time Realm (3.31)

A Changeling using the Time Realm on a Cantrip may "hold" a Cantrip and chose to activate it at any point up to the standard limits for their level in Time. This decision need not be made at the time of the Cantrip's casting, but any Glamour spent in the casting of the Cantrip is immediately used at the time of the original casting, and can not be regained until the Cantrip is used. Cantrips that are not used by the end of their maximum "holding" period are lost, and all traits spent for it are also lost (although they can be regained later as per normal). A character may choose to let the "held" Cantrip expire unused.

All other realms and decisions for casting the Cantrip must be made the first time the Cantrip is cast, and cannot be changed when the held Cantrip is actually used. Thus, a "Flicker Flash" Cantrip can be held, but the caster must specify at the time of casting what Realm it will effect, and where the location will be, and these parameters cannot be changed when the "held" Flicker Flash is used.

All challenges involved in the Cantrip are resolved when the held Cantrip is actually used. Only one Cantrip may be held at a time. Using a "Held" Cantrip takes an action, but does not require any Bunk or physical action, and is merely a mental command.

Any use of the Time Realm costs an additional Glamour, in addition to any other used to normally cast the Cantrip.

Realms Re-test (3.32)

Some nations participating in the Camarilla's Sanctioned chronicle use a new rule for retesting Cantrips. Consult your national addendum to see if your country uses the following optional rule.

A changeling can spend a Realm level in order to retest the challenge for a Cantrip she is casting. The Realm must be the same one that was used to describe the target in the Cantrip's casting. Realm retests count as Ability retests for the purpose of the retest interaction rules. Realm levels spent in this way are recovered at the end of the session. Their temporary expenditure does not affect the changeling's ability to make full, normal use of her permanent Realm levels.