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Changeling Chapter Four


Dark Epics has several pages of rules pertinent to the Changeling venue (pages 79, 80, 81, and 96).

Banality (4.01)

This chart describes some of the ways a Changeling can gain Banality. Since Banality is a nebulous concept and what some see as banal can be a source of glamour for others, storytellers are strongly encouraged to keep an open mind about what is and is not a source of Banality based on the circumstances of the action, and on the character-concepts of those characters who might be applicable.

Remember, "Modern" or "Evil" does not automatically mean "Banal". For example, Fae have been killing each other Chimerically (and killing humans) for thousands of years, so this should perhaps not generate Banality unless the situation seems to be Banal to the presiding storyteller. The rule of thumb for assigning Banality - If the actions of a character kill even a small part of a dream, or the Dreaming itself, then the actions generate Banality. Remember that when a character has accumulated ten or more Temporary Banality Traits, the character gains one Permanent Banality Trait, and all Temporary Banality Traits are removed. Additionally, all Sidhe (except the Scathach) receive twice as many Banality Traits for the actions listed below.
Banality Table
Defending against a Cantrip w/Banality
1 Temporary
Failed to overcome a target who defended w/Banality
1 Temporary
Actively denying the Dreaming (per instance):
1 Temporary
Using a Dauntain power
2 Temporary
Destroying a Treasure or Chimera
1 Temporary
Killing a Kithain chimerically
1 Temporary
Killing a Kithain mortally
2 Temporary
Destroying a freehold (per level)
3 Temporary
Dying chimerically
5 Temporary
Being struck by Cold Iron (per hit)
1 Temporary
Contact w/or Possession of Cold Iron (per scene)
1 Temporary
Killing a Kithain w/Cold Iron
1 Permanent
Locational (Time spent in areas that...)
Banality more than Kithain's Glamour (per scene)
1 Temporary
Banality twice as much as Kithain's Glamour
2 Temporary
Banality Rating of Nine (per scene)
3 Temporary
Banality Rating of Ten (per scene)
4 Temporary

Bunks (4.02)

For the Jesters Rules system in the Shining Host Players Guide, the following restrictions also apply. For a level one, two, or three Bunk, any of the appropriate number of conditions must be met. For a level four Bunk, one of those conditions must take longer than a minute in a combat situation; take longer than an hour; or be especially unique to the Kith or character. For a level five Bunk, two of the three conditions named above must be met.

Cantrips in the Deep Dreaming (4.03>

The normal Glamour cost for Cantrips is removed in the Deep Dreaming, however a character may still chose to spend one point of Glamour to gain an extra Bunk or to gain one Bunk Trait in place of a Bunk.

Cold Iron (4.04)

Cold Iron is iron that has been "cold forged" by hand, and as such, can only be formed into very crude tools. As a material it is brittle, prone to rust, and has great difficulty holding an edge or point. Cold Iron weapons and tools are usually limited in form to clubs, crude daggers, crowbars, hammers, or poor quality swords (that do not stand up to use for very long) and have a tendency to break under duress. As Cold Iron is harmful to Changelings because of its intrinsically non-supernatural nature, using supernatural effects to enhance it in any way would negate its banal nature. It requires Top Approval to supernaturally enhance a item of Cold Iron and have it retain it's Fae-harming properties.

Dragon's Ire (4.05)

Characters in bedlam that invoke the dragon's ire gain a number of extra ire successes equal to the stage of bedlam that they are in. At the end of the scene, the character enters the next stage of bedlam, or is devoured by a cataclysmic blast in the case of characters that are already in the third stage of bedlam.

Changelings who witness a bedlam-embraced character invoking the dragon's ire may enter bedlam if they were close to doing so already (Storyteller's discretion).

Siochain (4.06)

This aspect of the Camarilla's Sanctioned game requires Top Approval.

Oaths (4.07)

The gaining of Traits from Oaths may exceed listed maximums, but these are always the first Traits spent. Taking the same Oath multiple times (even in different situations) does not grant cumulative positive effects.

Breaking Oaths is considered to be one of the more heinous crimes a Changeling can commit, and storytellers are encouraged to see this aspect of the venue through as best as they can.

The creation of new Oaths requires Mid Approval if the benefits do not grant any positive traits for the character who swears such an Oath, High Approval if the benefits involve the granting of traits. New Oaths must be proposed by Storytellers for Approval, so that Oaths already approved do not require re approval if multiple characters decide to swear the Oath. Each Nation is encouraged to publish new Oaths in their National Addendum, and to provide a list of currently-approved Oaths available in their Nation.

Oath of Adoption
Sidhe that change Houses neither lose their original House Boon or Flaw, nor gain the Boon or Flaw of their new House in doing so.

Oath of Fealty
A character can only be under one Oath of Fealty at a time. It is possible for a character to be released from their Oath of Fealty by the Noble they are sworn to. Without being released (or being stripped of all title and then later given title elsewhere), a character who swears another Oath of Fealty is to break the first. The only exception to this is if the new Oath of Fealty is to the direct superior (all of the way "up the chain" to the High King level) of the original Oath. Characters can swear Fealty to whomever they wish, as long as their title is equal or lesser than the character they are swearing to.

Oath of the Long Road
Use of this Oath on a trivial quest results in consequences as dire as if the Oath were broken.

Oath of the Undoing
This Oath carries with it a storyteller warning, that not many characters who swear this Oath will be expected to survive themselves

Kingdoms (4.08)

Note that for the Camarilla's Sanctioned chronicle, the Kingdoms and their divisions are different from those listed in The Shining Host Players Guide. Consult with your National Storyteller to learn more details.