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Garou Chapter Seven


This appendix describes alterations to Hengeyokai, for use in the Camarilla’s Sanctioned chronicle. A minimum of High Approval is required for Garou venue characters to take anything from this book. Top Approval is required for creatures outside the Garou venue to take anything from this book.

TYPES (7.1)

High Approval is required for Stargazers (Sunset People) in the Garou venue. Stargazers that revere the Way of Emerald Virtue require Top Approval, as do all other shifter Types from Hengeyokai.

Where there are discrepancies, hengeyokai forms use the standard Traits from their equivalent Types in the Changing Breeds books. Any other applicable rules or clarifications from Garou Appendix A: Changing Breeds also apply.

An alteration has been made to the Gukutsushi’s Gift list (see Gifts, below).

Stargazers previously approved in the Garou venue are now considered Sunset People (with auspices from Laws of the Wild), unless they have received Top Approval for the Way of Emerald Virtue.


Rules clarifications applied to the Mentor Background also apply to Sempai.

Dog grants Alert x 3 only for the purpose of making perception-related challenges.


Auspicious Birth [2 Trait Merit]
The automatic success can only be used for a Simple Test or Static Challenge.

GIFTS (7.4)

The following Gifts on the Gukutsushi Kitsune list are Intermediate: Distant Whispers, Ebisu's Fingers, Moon-Fan-Face-Shadow, Shadow-Fan-Flowers, and Whelp Body.

The Kitsune Ju-Fu spells cost the same to learn as Gifts taught by spirits. The Gnosis spent to ensorcel a kami is not recoverable until the kami is expended or destroyed.

References to “Simple Gnosis Tests” just mean Simple Tests.

Blaze Talons [Basic Hengeyokai Gift]
The additional damage is not cumulative with additional damage from other fire based sources such as Kiss of Helios.

Blessings of Kali [Intermediate Nagah Gift]
This Gift may be activated only once per scene. The armor levels may be bypassed only by those that know of the sides’ vulnerability (Top Approval for non-Nagah).

Blind [Intermediate Roko Gift]
This power requires a Social vs. Physical Challenge. An affected target may spend a Willpower Trait to see through the blindness for a scene.

Blood Scent [Basic Same-Bito Gift]
Each target must be challenged individually.

Bolt [Basic Eji Gift]
Bolt inflicts only a single aggravated wound level. Whenever a character is “stunned”, they lose only their next action. If they have more than one action coming in the turn, they do not lose them all.

Breath of the Dragon Lords [Advanced Nagah Gift]
The damage inflicted is no more than three levels, even if the Nagah has four or more remaining Gnosis Traits.

Call of the Dead [Intermediate Eji Gift]
Having lost the challenge, the victim may opt to spend Willpower Traits to reduce the effects of this Gift. Each Willpower Trait so spent reduces the effect by one level (see page 212), to a minimum of the effect’s first degree.

Clarity [Intermediate Stargazer Gift]
Invisible creatures must be spotted with a successful Mental Challenge. They are not seen automatically.

Crushing the Centipede [Basic Khan Gift]
After this Gift halves damage, the remainder is rounded down. For example, when the Khan would take half a level of damage, she instead takes none.

Dragon Ally [Advanced Eji Gift]
No test is performed to summon the dragon (ignore the reference to a “Simple Gnosis Test”). The damage that the dragon can inflict either attack does not increase as the size increases. This Gift can be used only once per session.

Dream of a Thousand Cranes [Basic Hakken Gift]
Only 1 retest is allowed before the Gift’s effects are expended. Dream of a Thousand Cranes may only be used once per session.

Fair Path [Basic Hakken Gift]
The bonus Social Traits are only applicable in challenges involving appearance (i.e. when the Hakken is visible and bidding an appearance-based Trait).

Fan-Shadow Robe [Basic Gukutsushi Gift]
No challenge is required to initiate this Gift. Suspicious persons may attempt a Mental Challenge to see through the illusion. The illusion dissolves if the Kitsune attacks or makes a hostile challenge against another creature.

Forgetfulness [Intermediate Kojin Gift]
Each use of this power affects only fifteen minutes of memories.

Flow of Aura [Basic Shinju Gift]
The more detail-discerning use of this power does not allow the Kitsune to identify specific persons.

Gaze of the Serpent [Intermediate Nagah Gift]
The challenge required is a normal Mental Challenge, not a Static Mental Challenge against the target’s Willpower Traits.

Heavy Thunder Hammer [Advanced Khan Gift]
The Khan makes a separate physical challenge against all secondary targets within the area of effect (no participants bid Traits). Other Gifts may enhance the effectiveness of the attack against the primary target, but not against any secondary targets.

Kidnap [Advanced Ju-Fu Gift]
The Kitsune must win a Physical Challenge against his target in addition to all other tests required for this paper magic.

Labyrinth [Basic Ju-Fu Gift]
Creatures trapped in the Labyrinth may make a Mental Challenge against the Kitsune to escape. The challenge may be attempted once per hour.

Lore [Basic Kataribe Gift]
This Gift is not used in the Sanctioned Chronicle.

Moon Dance [Basic Kitsune Gift]
Any hostile act or challenge breaks the effect of this Gift.

Past Whispers [Basic Shinju Gift]
The whispers heard by the Kitsune are too distorted to allow her to identify specific persons.

Paws of the Raging Tiger [Intermediate Khan Gift]
The Khan may only use natural weaponry in combination with this Gift. Additional Gifts may not enhance the effectiveness of her attacks.

Preternatural Awareness [Intermediate Stargazer Gift]
Ignore the system of limiting an opponent to 2 hand signs. Instead, this Gift gives the user a free retest on any combat challenge. Each such retest costs a Gnosis Trait.

Shadow Step [Basic Kumo Gift]
This Gift functions automatically (the Kumo need not initiate challenges against those present). Instead, those wishing to remain unaffected may challenge the Kumo.

Silence [Intermediate Kataribe Gift]
The opposed Gnosis Challenge is replaced with an opposed Mental Challenge (not all creatures have Gnosis).

Silver Sigil [Basic Ju-Fu Gift]
Suspicious persons may attempt a Mental Challenge to see through the illusion.

Slicing Feathers [Basic Tengu Gift]
Characters striking the Gift user with their natural weapons suffer one level of aggravated damage. Ignore the phrase “successful defense”. The Tengu need not win the challenge for damage to be inflicted this way.

Snake Bites Itself [Advanced Nezumi Gift]
The challenge required is a normal Mental Challenge, not a Static Mental Challenge against the target’s Willpower Traits.

Song of Frenzy [Intermediate Eji Gift]
The duration of the effect is ten minutes, not one turn.

Tsunami Form [Intermediate Same-Bito Gift]
Successful combat attacks deal only one additional level of damage. This bonus is not compatible with extra damage from other Gifts.

Wisdom of the Seer [Advanced Stargazer Gift]
Because secrets are the foundation of intrigue in any live action game, powers that simply pluck secrets from the air such as Wisdom of the Seer are prohibited or severely restricted in the Camarilla’s games. High Approval is required for any use of this Gift.

Yoshitsune’s Sword [Intermediate Tengu Gift]
The recipient gains specialization in all swords in addition to the levels of Melee. The Ability levels granted, combined with the recipient’s permanent Melee levels, cannot exceed the Tengu’s number of permanent Gnosis Traits. If the recipient’s level of Melee is equal to or higher than the Tengu’s Gnosis, one additional Ability Trait is gained.

RITES (7.6)

Rite of the Fetish Egg and Rite of Hell Made Flesh require High Approval both to learn, and to use.