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Garou Chapter Nine


This appendix describes alterations to Book of the Wyrm, for use in the Camarillaís Sanctioned chronicle. The contents of the book are intended for use as antagonists, primarily in the Garou venue. Top Approval is required for any player character to take anything from this book, or to be of any special Type from this book.


Rites of Accord that directly affect a target character require a normal Challenge against the target, not a Static Challenge.

Bane Protector [Basic Black Spiral Dancer Gift]
One Jaggling bane is summoned for every Social Trait spent by the Dancer after the Static Social Challenge.

Brain Eating [Fomori Power]
A game session is defined as one month for the purpose of this power. The brains must be human or Garou.

Dagger of the Mind [Intermediate Black Spiral Dancer Gift]
This Gift requires an opposed Social Challenge if the target is not also the user.

Hands from Beyond [Fomori Power]
This power also requires a Physical Challenge to successfully grab an unwilling target.

Mind Blast [Fomori Power]
An affected subject may spend a Willpower Trait to act normally for any given turn.

Poison Tumors [Fomori Power]
A maximum of thee levels of damage can be accrued per turn for coming into contact with the poison.

Sting [Heart Eater Power]
Use of Sting requires that the target first be grappled, followed by a second Physical Challenge to inject the venom.

Stomach Pumper [Fomori Power]
The victimís retching lasts for one turn.

Targeted Heave [Basic Buzzard Gift]
The victimís retching lasts for one turn.

Wyrm Hide [Basic Black Spiral Dancer Gift]
This Gift can only be activated once per session.

RITES (9.2)

The following rites may be learned with no expenditure of Experience Traits: Rite of the Goodbye Party, Rite of Unburdening the Soul, Rite of the Sixth Circle, and Springtime Procreation Rite.

Winter Rite of the Wandering Soul
This rite is more powerful than Gathering for the Departed. It will take precedence if performed on the same night.


Megadon Pharmaceuticals
It requires High Approval for any player character to make use of Wyrm fetishes or Megadon pharmaceuticals. Most Megadon pharmaceuticals must be stored under special conditions or they will lose their potency, and the spirits in Wyrm fetishes rarely cooperate with Garou and other non-Wyrm creatures.