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Mage Chapter Four


Rules and clarifications for using magic can be found in Chapter Three: Powers.

MET Optional Rules used in the Sanctioned Chronicle (4.01)

The following Optional Rules are used in the Sanctioned chronicle: Acting in Concert, Archmage Spheres, Beyond Human Limits, Conjunctional Effects, Dynamic Magic, Extended Grades of Duration, Fast-Casting, Merits and Flaws, Negative Reputation, Optional Casting Modifiers, Overbidding for Success, Power Source Separation, Reputation Maximums, Rituals and Extended Magic, Slow Reputation Build, and Using Willpower.

The Contested Effect Optional Rule is used, except where the published text of a power specifically says a follow-up challenge is not required, such as with Slay Machine.

The Extended Grades of Duration Optional Rule is used, with the addition of "one week" and "one month" to the chart found on page 119 of Laws of Ascension Companion. These do not require an additional Grade of Success to be used.

The Superhuman Ritual Optional Rule is used, but each application requires High Approval.

The following Optional Rules are not used in the Sanctioned Chronicle: Half Dead, Final Retribution, Grades of Power, Mixed Paradigm Flaws, Reputation Erosion, Stacking Backgrounds, and Staggered Reputation.

The following Optional Rules may be used for an Orphan with Low Approval: Avatar Filter and Do-It-Yourself Paradigm.

The following optional rules may be used in a game with Low Approval: Animal Form Knowledge, Consensus Coincidence, Paradox Flaws, and Paradox Realms. Any use of these rules must be noted in the Venue Style Sheet.

The following optional rules are superseded (in part or in full) by rules in Prime: Combat Mobility, Limited Mobs, Merits and Flaws, and No Instant Kill.

Avatar Storm Damage (4.02)

To clarify pages 165 and 220, crossing the Gauntlet inflicts one level of aggravated damage on the mage for every two of his Arete Traits (rounded up). In addition, the mage is one Trait down on all challenges for the next ten minutes.

Digital Web (4.03)

The Digital Web follows all the mechanics for an Umbral Realm, though the flavor text differs. This may change with the future release of the Revised Traditionbook: Virtual Adepts. As such, virtually entering the Web via Mind is the same as Astrally Projecting to another Realm, but holistically entering the Web via Spirit, Life, or Correspondence subjects the mage to the fury of the Avatar Storm.

Testing Mechanics (4.04)

Any Background or Effect that would cause the addition of "The Bomb", or "Win All Ties", or other such Rock / Paper / Scissors modifications from other Sanctioned source material requires High Approval.

Ascension (4.05)

Achieving Ascension, becoming an Ascended being, or any interaction with Ascended beings requires Top Approval.