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Mage Chapter Five


This appendix describes alterations to Revised Traditionbook: Akashic Brotherhood, Revised Traditionbook: Celestial Chorus, Revised Traditionbook: Cult of Ecstasy, Revised Traditionbook: Dreamspeakers, Revised Traditionbook: Euthanatos, and Revised Traditionbook: Hollow Ones, for use in the Camarilla’s Sanctioned chronicle. This appendix will be updated as future Traditionbooks are released. It requires High Approval to take something from a Traditionbook if the character is not a mage of that Tradition. Top Approval is required for creatures outside the Mage venue to take anything from these books.


Do [Akashic Brotherhood]
This is a separate Ability from Brawl. The Tradition Advantage applies in that a character must possess the Brawl Ability with a specialization in “Do” before one can learn the Do Ability. All Do rules found on pages 64 and 65 of Tradition Book Akashic Brotherhood are used in the Sanctioned chronicle, except the Dragon Rules system, and the Butterfly's Palm Maneuver.


Mages that wish a personal Totem are to use the rules found in Garou: BACKGROUNDS (2.2), this requires High Approval.


Deathwalker, Ecumenist, Judge's Wisdom, and Techgnosi (the six Trait version) each require High Approval.