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Wraith Chapter One


Wraith characters are created using Oblivion in conjunction with this supplement and with Prime.

Concept (1.01)

Membership in the Alchemists, Mnemoi, and Solicitors Guilds requires High Approval.

Some Important Changes Made (1.02)

As with the other venues, wraith characters now get five starting Free Traits in addition to those gained from Negative Traits and Flaws. These may be added to existing characters after character creation.

Wraiths now begin with five (Basic) Arcanoi, rather than three. Add two Basic Arcanoi to the character sheet, or refund the Experience Traits spent on two Basic Arcanoi bought beyond the old initial starting number of three.

Wraiths now have different Attribute maximums. Any Traits in excess of these are reduced to match the new maximum(s), and the Experience Traits spent on the lost Attributes are refunded.

New or altered approvals levels were applied to some Backgrounds and powers in the Wraith Supplement. Existing characters must be approved by the appropriate level Storyteller(s) if something on the character sheet now requires a higher level of approval than it did previously.

Types (1.03)

Playing a spectre of any kind, or a Risen, requires High Approval.