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Wraith Chapter Four



The Sharpened Senses capability of powerful wraiths (those native to the Wraith Venue) allows them to spend a Pathos Trait and make a Mental Challenge in order to pierce a supernatural power of concealment, up through Advanced level. This is a specific exception to the Prime cross-venue rules. Weaker wraiths (those described in Prime as “common wraiths”) do not possess this exception, and may only test against Basic levels. The Pathos expenditure allows the wraith to attempt to pierce powers of concealment for the remainder of the scene.

HEALTH (4.2)

Wraiths, specters, and risen do not follow the health level system presented in Prime. They instead use the Corpus rules on page 149 of Oblivion. They do not suffer wound penalties for losing Corpus.


Note that additional rules for metamorphosis exist in Prime. Vampires who have been the victim of diablerie, or who have achieved Golconda, may not become wraiths. Changelings may not become wraiths unless slain by cold iron. Garou may not normally become wraiths unless they die with Wyrm-taint and do not have a Rite of the Departed performed for them within a day of their death. If a mage dies while holistically present in the Shadowlands, he becomes a wraith (if the necessary Approval is granted, otherwise, he simply dies). No character with True Faith can become a wraith.

Supernatural characters that metamorph into wraiths start with five permanent Angst Traits. Normal humans and partially-Awakened (ghoul, kinfolk, etc.) character that metamorph into wraiths start with one to five permanent Angst Traits (at approving Storyteller's discretion). Thorns, passions, fetters are chosen as normal.

For the purposes of increasing Trait Maximums over time in play, the date of the character's metamorphosis is considered to be the date the character entered play. Example: A Giovanni that was played in the Cam/Anarch Venue for three years before dying and gaining the Approval to become a wraith must wait six months before his Trait Maximum rises to eleven.