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Name: Chester McKay
Court: Seelie (apparently eternally)
Occupation: Mortal: Vet / Fae: Big Brother
Animal Form: Capuchian Monkey

Apparently Grump from what he says, but Childing - Wilder as to how he acts, it's unsure as to what Chester's motives in the Fae world are aside from having a good time. He's the one that the Kith look to whenever a Childing appears in town and they need someone to watch over them. He seems to enjoy this role, however, and will gladly take on the responsibility of playing Big Brother to any needy Childings.

Like most Pooka, it's hard to tell what Chester is about to do, but whatever it is, one can always tell it's going to be interesting. His presence is always alerted by the smell of fresh bananas that preceeds him, wearing a duster that apparently has an abundant stash of bananas brewing from it. Even in his monkey form, he can produce bananas with a flick of a wrist. Don't worry, though, he's brought enough for everyone.

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