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Name: Mitch Druit
Court: Unknown - Believed to be Unseelie
Occupation: Mortal: Antique Dealer / Fae: Seer
Chimera: Spinder (Spider)

Mitch has changed over the course of the years that he has been around the Fae. Originally isolated, Mitch slowly became quite a bit social, at least from a Sluagh's point of view. It is uncertain as to the reasons, but he soon started taking a dive into a darker persona.

At present, Mitch's residence in Sierra Vista lays untended. After his banishment from not only Sierra Vista, but from southern Arizona itself, Mitch has disappeared from public view. Every so often he does appear upon the Nockernet with a different message of some dark tidings, but it is unsure as to his motives. He once served under former Baroness Maggie O'Brian (Now Thane) as a Seer, but even now it seems as though she doesn't hold any form of control on him.

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